Office & Datacenter Relocation Services

Office & Datacenter Relocation Services

Let VR Networks do the heavy lifting during your relocation. As your organization matures, it will likely face growing pains. Your organization might need to move into a larger building to provide the physical storage space for your servers and computers.

To reduce system downtime and prevent any loss of data, trust VR Networks to take care of all your organization’s data center relocation service needs. Get in touch for more information on data center moving solutions. Ensure that important data is securely stored and always available.

Let Us Evaluate Your Business and Help Your Office Move By!

Perhaps your organization needs to move its offsite data from one datacenter to another to be compliant with a governing regulatory body. Or maybe your organization needs to move both its physical and datacenter locations. Regardless of how or why your organization is moving its data and/or information systems, data center relocation and migration can be tricky and costly.

Creating a Project Plan

Get a complete plan that includes all the tasks, lead times and dependencies between essential tasks to give you a good overview of the entire relocation project.

Evaluating new system additions

During the move is the perfect opportunity to update, upgrade and improve your systems when entering a new space. Don’t just change your location, refine your business systems as well.

Ensuring that you are connected

One of the challenges is making sure your business communications are available and ready to go upon your move in date. We make certain you have the phone and internet communications ready and connected to your systems, so your business can get working on the same day you move in!

Our Expertise – Our Experience

VR Networks has more than 20 years of experience assisting organizations of all sizes with physical information systems relocations and virtual moves from one datacenter to another. We can help your organization design its new building to accommodate information systems and meet any regulatory needs, and then we can do the relocate and ensure that your organization has minimal systems downtime. If your organization needs to move its information from one datacenter to another, VR Networks can help you choose the best datacenter to meet your current and future datacenter solution needs and then implement the data transfer to ensure that data integrity remains uncompromised and available.


1. Fill out the Form – Your information is safe with us

2. Initial phone discovery – Our technical staff will contact you to understand your network set up

3.Exploratory Meeting – Site Survey

4. Submit Findings – Use the information as you wish with “No strings attached”

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We really needed a company that could handle the computer issues we no longer had the time or experience to deal with. VR Networks is a perfect solution for us because we have the same IT Professional with us every week who is very familiar with our network, and we don’t have to worry about dealing with computer problems on our own anymore.

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