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Managed Cloud Services and Cloud Computing

Managed Cloud Services and Cloud Computing was entirely considered as a cost-cutting option in its nascent stages. Over the years as the economic conditions have improved, and technologies have become more sophisticated – businesses started adopting cloud to drive agility and growth. The three key growth areas that are fueled by the cloud are – Big Data and analytics, entry into new markets and focus on innovation.

However, since the market today is flooded with various cloud providers, applications and services – you must carefully consider your cloud delivery model based on your unique business needs. You need an impartial cloud service provider to help you choose which applications and services can be moved to which cloud delivery models, which combination of internal and external providers to use and how to manage your combined infrastructure. Your cloud implementation will yield better results only if your up-front assessment for cloud adoption is accurate and complete.

Business value of Managed Cloud Services: Our Approach

As you look to Managed Cloud Services for cost savings, you must also consider the competitive advantages that cloud offers. If you have already experienced cloud, you will know that agility is the dominant factor and that cloud delivers a lasting business value to do business like never. When deciding if you want to manage your cloud or engage a managed cloud services provider – the following list can help in your decision:


  • Specify the quantifiable business result desired. For example, percent increase in revenue, reduction in costs, increase in customer satisfaction, and so on
  • Specify which applications are required to enter a new physical or virtual marketplace and what data or services do they need from your company’s legacy platforms
  • Decide how much control you need over a given application and how you will manage this remote infrastructure, get real-time visibility into its performance and SLA compliance
  • Analyze if IT staff and end users “cloud ready” and if your business processes are mature enough to shift to a SaaS application rather than an in-house platform
  • Understand if your company has the development skills it needs to build modern apps on a PaaS platform or move your legacy applications and data from on-premise to the cloud
  • Define what regulatory and security requirements must be meet, such as control over the physical location of the application and its data.

Datto SaaS Protection Cloud Services

The leading cloud-to-cloud total data protection platform for software as a service application. Easily protect Office 365 and Google Apps data in the secure Datto Cloud, and restore lost or corrupted objects in seconds through the intuitive admin interface.

Now you can offer your client the confidence that even malicious attacks can be “undone” when a prior backup is restored.

Add, delete, and archive users easily as SaaS Protection enables your clients to archive or export entire user accounts to save on licensing fees, easily swap user names, and save on third party storage fees and manual backup resources.

Microsoft Office 365

More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies now use Microsoft Office 365, making it the most popular business productivity software in the world. It’s accomplished this success by offering a greatly improved Microsoft Office experience and a convenient way for businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits of cloud computing.

We will help you choose the right Office 365 components for your business, employ the best strategies to integrate them in your company network, and support your team as it makes the transition to cloud productivity.

Advantages with VR Networks Cloud Services

We help you from designing to implementing and managing to monitoring your cloud environment. Our cloud solutions ensure utmost security and maximum performance – aligned with your business requirements. We provide seamless integration of your network on the cloud through sophisticated tools, methodologies and processes to ensure that you take the fullest advantage of cloud in a cost-effective way. VR Networks specializes in improving your business performance by providing in-depth knowledge processes to provide:

  • Vendor agnostic solutions
  • Greater benefits than on-premise cloud
  • Low costs of initial infrastructure set-up
  • Low recurring/maintenance costs
  • Faster time to deployment
  • Greater flexibility in supporting the dynamic needs and new technologies
  • Ability to deliver greater benefit over time, without additional cost or disruption in services
  • Security, convenience and flexibility in terms of immediate access to managed applications from anywhere
  • Customized ‘pay-as-you-use’ billing
  • Saves time and increases productivity in installation, configuration and management of critical application
  • Easy scalability based on your requirements
  • Rapidly replace or add new resources from our flexible on-demand service models
  • Gain up to 30% cost savings with our managed NOC services, as compared to doing it yourself
  • Mix and match our on-demand service delivery models to maximize your benefits


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