LAN/WAN Services – Design, Implementation, & Support

LAN/WAN – Implementation, troubleshooting & Support

Part of growing a business is accommodating new staff, locations, and IT needs. As you grow, connecting your various offices, employees, software, and applications becomes a primary concern.

VR Networks LAN/WAN services help you stay connected, whether you’re centralizing, decentralizing, expanding into another region, or supporting an entirely remote workforce. We aim to reduce your telecommunication costs, increase connectivity, enable full access to systems and data, maximize security, and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

Our simple Pricing Calculator handles companies with up to 5 locations, 50 computers or 10 servers.

What’s included:

  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • 15 Minute Response Time
  • Cyber security Protection
  • Data Backup Management
  • Network and Server Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Scheduled Technology Reviews
  • Asset Management
  • Secure Remote Access for your Employees
  • Best Practice Policies
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If you need pricing on larger networks, standalone Managed IT, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Migrations or Supplemental IT Support, please contact us directly.

Managed services for WAN design

Additional options for designing WAN architectures are the carriers, networking consultants, and managed service providers. If your organization doesn’t have the staffing or other resources needed to dynamically design and manage your WAN, consider third parties who can do all or most of it for you. Typical services include network design and provisioning, project management, help desk, network monitoring and maintenance, and management of all remote locations.

Predicting Application Performance

Before deploying a new application on the network, networking professionals must first assess its possible impact on WAN resources. The following factors should be considered, as they can affect the delivery of data (e.g., frames, packets and segments):


Because it can take a long time for packets to be delivered across WANs, be sure to use protocols in which receivers acknowledge delivery of data, as this can measure round-trip time.

Packet loss

It is possible, even in the best networks, for intermediate devices to lose packets. This may be due to errors, to overloading of the intermediate network, or to intentional discarding of traffic to enforce a service level.


This describes the amount of traffic a network can carry, usually in terms such as kilobits or megabits per second.


When packets are lost in a reliable network, they are retransmitted. However, this incurs two delays: 1) the delay from resending the data; and 2) the delay resulting from waiting until the data is received in the correct order before forwarding it up the protocol stack.

Facets of Capacity Planning

Network managers at VR Networks perform many tasks that factor into capacity planning, such as performance measurement, forensic analysis, load-testing and/or load generation. They are constantly receiving and collecting data from these activities. They also collaborate with application developers and IT departments who in turn depend on them to deliver network services.

Performance Measurement

Network managers measure WAN performance using different parameters, such as per-port metrics (traffic volume on port 80 between clients and servers and the elapsed time) or end-user metrics (speeds of key functions).

Forensic Analysis

Network operators can use sniffers to break down transactions by protocol and locate problems, e.g., retransmissions or protocol negotiations.

Load Generation

Software, network appliances or managed service providers can generate scripted traffic; this helps determine when network capacity has been reached.


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